Tips for girls Tell her all about stuff that she should do before shes a certain age Movies to watch, books to read Tell her the best pieces of advice you've received or the best quotes you've read. About what helped you the most whenever you needed it (like the best hot chocolate recipe or the best song for getting over something) Or a list of the best songs for a playlist. Maybe describe her when she was young in comparison to now? Sorry I'm terrible at this stuff I hope it helped a little.

Ahhhh this is awesome and really helps a lot!! I could totally do all of these things…a page for quotes, a page for books, etc. It makes sense to organize it that way, rather than writing a lengthy letter or something. THANK YOU!!!:)





Science Penguin [x]

i enjoy that every single human’s reaction to penguin is unrestrained delight

And penguins lack large terrestrial predators, so their reaction to humans tends to be, “HELLO STRANGE GIANT PENGUINS, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? DO YOU HAVE ANY FISH?”

Science penguin!

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I love nerdfighters


This year has been weird and wonderful and lovely in so many ways and also difficult and terrifying in so many others, and definitely the year that has featured the most crying of my life since I was probably five.

And through it all, so many nerdfighters have been kind and empathetic and supportive of me and my work. And I’m so grateful for that. It is has been a great gift to me this past year, whether I was in the hospital or at a movie premiere. So yeah, thanks. That’s all.

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please watch this vine

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i was taking pictures of the new puppy


when i look out the window to see the older dog just


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we finish each other’s s

pace: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.


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The Fellowship of the Ring + Google inspired by thranduilings

never forget


gimli is a woman pass it on

legolas is moon moon.

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My cousin is turning 14 next month and I want to do something really special for her, but I can’t figure out what it should be.  I’d like to give her a book of tips for girls or something, but I’m 24 and still haven’t figured this shit out.  What have I learned in the last 10 years that I can put into words for her?

Feel free to send me anything that you think a 14 year old girl should know ;) 

You must have the words in that head of yours x

You must have the words in that head of yours x


do you ever just wake up in the middle of the night and think about how beautiful benedict cumberbatch is

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when your otp touches foreheads <33333


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